Glasslock 18 Piece Blue Lid Food Container Set

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Glasslock is made of tempered glass, guaranteeing excellent hardness and durability in comparison with general glass and has an absolute airtight function keeping the liquid, moisture and smell inside. There is no trace of harmful environmental hormones to the human body when using microwave or oven. These clear, stain proof glass containers feature a space saving design. Durable silicone seal provides airtight and leak proof storage. It is ideal for serving and storing and safe for microwave cooking. The plastic in most food containers have BPA chemicals that when microwaved, the food ingests the BPA chemical not good. Glasslock is BPA FREE.

•Set includes 8 rectangle containers, 4 square containers and 6 round containers
•Oven safe and microwavable
•Airtight and leak proof
•BPA free and recyclable 
•Different sizes to meet your storage needs
•Rectangle container capacity: (2) 6.3 cups, (4) 3.5 cups and (2) 1.6 cups
•Square container capacity: (2) 3.3 cups and (2) 1.5 cups
•Round container capacity: (2) 3.1 cups and (2) 1.6 cups and (2) 0.7 cups

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